Red Kangaroo Male Enhancement Sex Pills 10 Pills Per Bottle



Red Kangaroo Male Sex Enhancer 10 Pills

Natural Effective Male Enhancement Pills  

Red Kangaroo Comprehensive Functions Male Sex Products


Gain frequent and firm erection.

Makes penis bigger and thicker.

Prolong coitus time (up to 75 minutes).

Increase sex drive.


For treatment of erectile dysfunctional, premature ejaculation, low potency, lack of sex drive or sex desire, also useful as a recreational sex enhancement of penis enlargement pills.

Usage and Dosage:

Take one capsule and swallow with a bit of liquid (best with warm water) about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, not advisable to take more than one capsule within 24 hours period. Not to be used by minors.


10pills per Bottle


In a room temperature, dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

Main Function:

1. Improvement of physiological fatigue, rapid restoration of adult male physical strength and energy.

2. Ziyin Bushen, Guben Huoxue to prevent aging,

3. A comprehensive regulation of the endocrine, balance of male hormone secretion.

4. The promotion of the male genital increase.

5. Can effectively improve the pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears of the situation.

6. Of infertility, male erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation has an excellent improvement.

7. On the frail and elderly patients have significant recovery effect


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